(ENG SUB) 姊的時代 Iron Ladies|EP1 火辣莉莎姊與混血男模!Valentine’s Day with Sexy Male Model

CC to have English subtitle / 點CC 看英文字幕
熟女的情人節 完整版/Full Version:http://t.cn/EzwEjqZ

更多精采內容請上 Vidol影音平台:http://vidol.tv/
姊的時代 五十版 (全劇一次追完):https://goo.gl/m2xb4f


主演: 鍾瑶 / 小樂 吳思賢 / 潘慧如 / 李運慶 / 朱芷瑩 / 吳定謙 / 藍鈞天 / 宋緯恩 / 夏和熙

Kai-Ting Chou, Li-Sha Ma, and Ching-Ching Wang, are embodiment of “TWITs” (Teenage Women in Their Thirties). They are beautiful, successful and have the perfect job. Young women in their 20s look up to them. Nonetheless, their flawless public facade masked private despair. The truth behind the glamour is frustration in love, oppression in marriage, and family distress. Like everyone else, anguish, anxiety and anger would grip them by their feet. A successful career is not equivalent to a perfect life. They long for a shoulder to lean on and a life without judgement. However, the older they get, the harder it is to let go of things. In the end, they’ve come to realize that maturity in life is not about what you’ve conquered, it’s about what you can take on.

一次,凱婷為了解決公司危機,遇上了蘇燦(小樂 吳思賢/飾),雖然他不是真正的彩妝師,但因為他清新陽光的笑容、破表的顏值、真摯的化妝動作,意外風靡大批女性使用者!凱婷將錯就錯要讓他成為真正的人氣彩妝師,而蘇燦也逐漸開始發光發亮。

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